Dykes on Bikes® London Chapter Ride Rules

1.   All riders must hold a full motorcycle license recognised under UK law or a provisional motorcycle licence recognised under UK law including a valid CBT (rider with L-plates).

2.   The Ride Leader will plan rest and petrol stops, but you should arrive with a full tank and an empty bladder.

3.  Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the pre-ride briefing.

4.   Your motorcycle must be street legal and have all functions working (lights, horn, signal lights etc.).

5.   You are responsible for your own warmth, dryness and personal comfort and are expected to have your machine in a state of good repair and readiness.

6.   You must have a medical ID with ICE details on you (either an ID tag, wristband or patch on your cut or a medical ID and ICE card in your pocket)

7.   You must have insurance on your bike and have paid UK road tax.

8.   If you are joining a DOB London official ride as a pillion DOB London does not accept any responsibility in the event of an accident where you are injured or your property is damaged and you or your rider is not properly insured.

9.   You must sign a liability waiver before you can join a DOB London ride before the pre-ride briefing (for non-members and pillions).

DOB London Group Ride Form

10.   Know the route and stop points of the ride, in case we get separated. The route will be discussed in the pre-ride briefing.

11.   You are advised to wear the necessary safety gear, however this is your decision; DOB London accept no responsibility for any injuries you may sustain as a result of not wearing proper motorcycle safety gear.

12. You are advised to have sufficient breakdown and recovery cover.  In the event of a breakdown that means you cannot continue the ride, please be aware that we may not be able to stay with you.

13. Familiarise yourself with our Group Ride Policy and understand riding in “group formation” and using “hand signals” (see Group Ride Policy).

14.   Exchange phone numbers with a few of the DOB London members, in case we get separated.

15.   NO alcohol or drugs can be consumed before or during the ride. We have a ZERO tolerance policy on drink riding or riding under the influence of drugs.

16.   NO show-off riding while riding with DOB London Chapter.

17.   Ride your own ride.This means that you make your own decisions; go at your own pace; know your boundaries of what’s safe; know your environment, your bike, your skills; and don’t let peer pressure drive your decisions.


Version 2.0 13/04/2019
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